How to Create Your Personalized Index Cards Help Page

Objective: Successfully create your set of vocabulary words from our existing GRE, GMAT, SAT vocabulary lists.
  1. Go to GRE, GMAT, SAT word lists within our website to study a listing. Each listing contains about 50 words.

  2. Select a list (example: GRE Word List 1 [FlashCards])

  3. Use Button to flip through individual word in the list until you encounter a word that you are not familiar with.

  4. Locate "Add vocabulary word to Your Personalized List" link at the bottom of the flipcard.

  5. Click on the link add the selected word to your personalized list. This action will bring you to your personalized list page.

  6. Use "Return to the last Vocabulary List you visited" link to select and add more vocabulary list to your personalized list

  7. Click on "Your Personalized Index Cards" link to test yourself with your personalized list.

  8. Click on "Your Personalized List" link to view and print your list. You can also use "Remove" link within this page to remove a word that you learned from your personalized list.

  9. Repeat procedure 1 through 8 until you feel confident to take your exam. You may use "SET HOME?" link in our flipcards to make a selected flipcard page to be your home page for your browser. Everytime you open up your browser, you learn and review a word.

  10. Scroll down in "Your personalized Index Cards" page to find "Add a New word to this deck" form. You may add additional words that you wish to study by providing New Word and Description. Press "ADD" button to submit your word.

  11. Please tell us your thoughts.

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