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Soundkeepers.com (www.soundkeepers.com) is interested in protecting rights of its Users.  This policy covers how Soundkeepers.com treats personal information that Soundkeeper.com collects through its products and services.  This policy does not apply to the practices of third party companies that Soundkeepers.com does not own or control. 

Collecting Information

Soundkeepers.com is the sole owner and operator of all information collected by the Service. 
Soundkeepers.com collects personal information when you register with Soundkeepers.com, when you use Soundkeepers.com products or services. When you register or use the services we ask for information such as name and email address.  At the time of registration, Soundkeepers.com receives information from your browser to our server.  The information is received automatically and includes your IP address, Soundkeepers.com cookie information and our website resources that you request.  Soundkeepers.com use the information to provide you our products and services, customize content you view, improve our services, research and reporting.

Use of Browser Cookies

Cookies enable web sites to record information on the User's device that runs internet browser.  Cookie files are not program files and they are used to store non-personalized data (e.g., browser type, click stream information, date and time).  Soundkeepers.com uses this non-personalized data to collect information about your visit.  In certain parts of Soundkeepers.com website include advertisements from third party vendors.  Examples of such vendors are Google and Amazon.  Please refer to the third party services' privacy policies for more information about their privacy practices. 

Your information

We reserve the right to send you communications relating to the Soundkeepers.com service and products.  Examples of such communications include administrative messages and newsletter.  If you would like to opt-out of receiving them, you can request to delete your account by contacting Soundkeepers.com. 

Protecting Your Information

Soundkeepers.com does not share your personal information about you with other companies and people.  Soundkeepers.com will provide your personal information under unusual circumstances where we believe it is necessary to share information to take action in order to prevent and stop illegal activities, violations of Soundkeepers.com's terms of use, or otherwise required by law.

Policy Updates

Soundkeepers.com may update this policy at any time.  The changes will be effective when published to Soundkeeeprs.com


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