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NYC Running Map

New York City Central Park Running Map

(enhanced by google map - NEW - 20 April 2006)

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The following distance measurement of Central Park was taken from "A Guide for Sharing the Drive in Central Park(2003)". We picked up a copy when we go running in central park. We are updating our old running distance page with this new running distance map.

Park Distances
Loop6.1 miles
Upper Loop taking 102nd St.cutoff5.2 miles
Lower Loop1.7 miles
A-B.7678 miles
B-C upper loop1.1503 miles
B-C shortcut.2662 miles
C-D1.7083 miles
D-E by lower loop1.4073 miles
D-E across 72nd St..3080 miles
E-A.9936 miles
Reservoir1.57 miles
Lower Bridle Loop1.66 miles
Full Bridle Loop - (includes loop around North Meadow and Reservoir)2.5 miles

A Guide for Sharing the Drive in Central Park was prepared in cooperation with City of New York/Parks and Recreation, New York Police Department, new York City Departement of Transportation, President of the Borough of Manhatttan, Central Park Precinct Community Council, New Yoork Road Runners Club, New York Cycle Club, New York Road Skaters Association, Central Park Skate Patrol, Central Park Medical Unit, and Century Road Club Association.

The mission of the Central Park Conservancy is to restore, manage, and preserve Central Park, in partnership with the public, for the enjoyment of current and future generations. Since its founding in 1980, the Conservancy has developed and implemented a major management and restoration plan; funded major capital improvements; crated programs for wolunteers and visitors; built an endowment to ensure continued Park maintenance; and set new standards of excellence in Park care.


To convert from Kilometers to Miles, simply multiply the kilometers by 0.62
To convert from Miles to Kilometers, simply multiply the miles by 1.61

20 streets in NYC = 1 Mile = 1.61 Kilometers.

2 Reservoir Run is about 5 Kilometer Run.

5K 3.1 Miles
10K6.2 Miles

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